Technology + Data to reduce maternal Motality Rate!

TeleTap is an emergency alert device for meant for maternal mothers to request immediate help from nearby antenatal care unit and close relatives in-case of any health emergencies/complications.







smartphone-1 App 1

Realtime Notification

Once Teletap device is switched on by the maternal mother, realtime notifications are sent to the nearby hospital in-charge and close relatives for them to take a quick action. After the application receives the notification, it opens automatically and teletap location coordinates are picked and displayed on the Teletap App!

Location and tracking

When LOCATE button is clicked, a message with location coordinates and brief Teletap location map pop in the user's mobile phone!

smartphone-2 Message 2
smartphone-3 Location 3

Direction and navigation

Teletap app is intergrated with google map that give precise direction and navigation where the notification is sent from for rescue!